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50 most used words in a hotel for English learners

An establishment providing lodging and usually meals, entertainment, and various personal services for travelers and tourists.
Example: I booked a room at the hotel.
An arrangement in which accommodations, such as a hotel room, are secured in advance.
Example: I made a reservation for two nights.
The process of arriving at a hotel and registering as a guest.
Example: Check-in time is at 3 PM.
The process of departing from a hotel and settling the bill.
Example: Check-out is at 11 AM.
A space within a building that can be occupied for accommodation.
Example: We have a comfortable room with a view.
A small metal instrument used to lock or unlock a door or container.
Example: Please return the room key at check-out.
A person who is staying at a hotel or lodging place.
Example: The hotel welcomes every guest with hospitality.
Facilities or features that provide comfort and convenience to guests.
Example: The hotel offers various amenities like a pool and gym.
The action of helping or doing work for someone.
Example: The hotel provides excellent room service.
A commercial establishment that provides leisure facilities, entertainment, and accommodations.
Example: They spent their vacation at a beach resort.
The entrance hall or public space in a hotel where guests can relax or wait.
Example: The hotel lobby has comfortable seating areas.
A set of connected rooms, typically more luxurious than standard rooms.
Example: They stayed in a luxurious suite with a Jacuzzi.
An establishment that serves meals to customers.
Example: We had a delicious dinner at the hotel's restaurant.
The first meal of the day, typically eaten in the morning.
Example: The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast for guests.
An employee in a hotel who assists guests with various services.
Example: The concierge can help you with tour bookings.
The visual perception of scenery or sight from a particular location.
Example: The room has a stunning view of the ocean.
An arrangement in which accommodations, such as a hotel room, are secured in advance.
Example: I made a reservation for two nights.
A small area of still water, often artificial, where people can swim or relax.
Example: The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool.
A global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities.
Example: The hotel offers free high-speed internet access.
An extended period of leisure and recreation, especially away from home.
Example: They planned a relaxing vacation at a tropical resort.
A piece of furniture used for sleeping.
Example: The hotel room has a comfortable king-size bed.
A room containing a toilet and sink, for personal hygiene.
Example: The hotel room has a modern bathroom with a shower.
A piece of cloth used for drying the body or hands.
Example: Please provide fresh towels in the room.
A device for washing by directing a spray of water over the body.
Example: The hotel bathroom has a spacious shower.
A fixture used for urination and defecation, also known as a restroom or bathroom.
Example: Please keep the toilet clean and tidy.
air conditioning
A system that cools and dehumidifies air in a room or building.
Example: The hotel room has excellent air conditioning.
An establishment that serves meals to customers.
Example: We had a delicious dinner at the hotel's restaurant.
A list of dishes available for a meal at a restaurant.
Example: The restaurant offers a diverse menu of international cuisine.
A person who serves food and drinks to customers in a restaurant.
Example: The waiter was attentive and friendly.
To request food or drinks from a restaurant menu.
Example: I'll order the steak and a glass of red wine.
A printed or written statement of money owed for goods or services.
Example: Could you bring us the bill, please?
credit card
A plastic card used for making payments on credit.
Example: You can pay with cash or credit card.
A sum of money given to a waiter or service staff as gratitude.
Example: Please leave a tip for the excellent service.
Provided free as a courtesy or gift.
Example: The hotel offers complimentary breakfast for guests.
The area where guests are received and greeted at a hotel.
Example: The reception desk is open 24 hours.
A vertical transport device that moves people between floors.
Example: Take the elevator to the 5th floor.
A person who greets and assists guests at the entrance of a hotel.
Example: The doorman helped with the luggage.
A hotel employee who carries luggage and performs errands.
Example: The bellboy brought our suitcases to the room.
The activity of visiting places of interest in a city or region.
Example: They went sightseeing around the historic landmarks.
A journey for pleasure in which several places are visited.
Example: They took a guided tour of the city.
A car with a driver for hire, used to transport passengers.
Example: You can easily hail a taxi in front of the hotel.
A vehicle that travels between two points at regular intervals.
Example: The hotel offers a free shuttle to the airport.
A place where aircraft take off and land, and passenger facilities are available.
Example: The hotel is located near the international airport.
A formal meeting for discussion and exchange of information.
Example: The hotel has a conference room for business events.
An assembly of people for a particular purpose, such as discussion or decision-making.
Example: They had a productive meeting in the hotel's boardroom.
The condition of being protected from harm or danger.
Example: The hotel prioritizes the safety of its guests.
Measures taken to protect against theft, crime, or other threats.
Example: The hotel has 24/7 security surveillance.
An area where vehicles can be parked.
Example: The hotel offers free parking for guests.
The condition of being physically fit and healthy.
Example: The hotel has a well-equipped fitness center.
A place with equipment and facilities for physical exercise.
Example: You can work out at the hotel's gym.

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