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50 most common words to use at the airport for English learners

boarding pass
A document that allows a passenger to board a flight.
Example: Please present your boarding pass at the gate.
The process of registering at the airport before a flight.
Example: Check-in starts two hours before departure.
The act of leaving or the time when a flight leaves.
Example: The departure time has been delayed.
The act of reaching a destination or the time when a flight lands.
Example: We are waiting for the arrival of flight BA123.
A designated area in the airport for boarding and deboarding flights.
Example: Our flight will depart from gate 7.
The government department that checks goods and people entering a country.
Example: You need to declare any goods over $100 at customs.
The process of entering a country to live there permanently or temporarily.
Example: Passengers are required to go through immigration upon arrival.
The measures taken to protect passengers and prevent illegal activities at the airport.
Example: All bags are subject to security checks.
An official document issued by a government to identify a person when traveling abroad.
Example: Make sure your passport is valid before traveling.
An official document or stamp that allows a person to enter, leave, or stay in a country.
Example: You need a tourist visa to visit this country.
The suitcases and bags that a traveler carries.
Example: Please collect your luggage from the baggage claim area.
baggage claim
The area in the airport where passengers retrieve their checked-in luggage.
Example: Go to the baggage claim area to pick up your suitcase.
A journey made by air, especially in an airplane.
Example: Our flight to New York was delayed.
A situation in which something happens later than planned or expected.
Example: We apologize for the delay in boarding.
Formal spoken messages made in public places to give information or instructions.
Example: Please listen to the announcements for any updates on your flight.
cabin crew
The staff working on an airplane who assist passengers during the flight.
Example: The cabin crew will serve drinks and meals shortly.
The action of an airplane becoming airborne and leaving the ground.
Example: The takeoff was smooth, and the flight was comfortable.
The act of an airplane returning to the ground at the end of a flight.
Example: We will begin our descent for landing shortly.
connecting flight
A flight where a passenger needs to change planes to reach their final destination.
Example: Our flight from London is a connecting flight through Frankfurt.
overhead compartment
The storage area above the seats in an airplane where passengers can put their bags.
Example: Please stow your bags in the overhead compartment.
jet lag
The tiredness and confusion experienced after a long flight across different time zones.
Example: I'm suffering from jet lag after the long-haul flight.
A long, narrow space between rows of seats in an airplane.
Example: Please keep the aisle clear for the cabin crew to pass.
window seat
A seat next to the window of an airplane.
Example: I prefer a window seat to enjoy the view during the flight.
aisle seat
A seat located on the aisle side of a row in an airplane.
Example: I always choose an aisle seat for easy access to the restroom.
emergency exit
A designated door or window in an airplane for use in emergencies.
Example: The nearest emergency exit may be behind you.
Sudden, violent movements of air that can shake an airplane during a flight.
Example: Please fasten your seatbelt due to expected turbulence.
oxygen mask
A mask that provides oxygen to passengers during a loss of cabin pressure.
Example: In case of an emergency, put on your oxygen mask first.
in-flight entertainment
Entertainment provided to passengers during a flight.
Example: The airline offers a variety of movies for in-flight entertainment.
ground staff
The personnel who work on the ground at the airport, such as baggage handlers.
Example: The ground staff will assist with loading and unloading luggage.
The long strip of pavement where airplanes take off and land at the airport.
Example: The airplane is taxiing towards the runway for takeoff.
To move an airplane on the ground under its own power.
Example: The plane is ready to taxi to the runway.
A movable, enclosed passage connecting an airplane to the terminal.
Example: Passengers will disembark through the jetway upon arrival.
connecting flight
A flight where a passenger needs to change planes to reach their final destination.
Example: We have a connecting flight in Chicago before reaching Los Angeles.
baggage allowance
The maximum weight or number of bags allowed per passenger.
Example: The airline's baggage allowance is 23 kilograms per passenger.
The process of passengers getting on an airplane before it departs.
Example: Boarding for flight AC123 will begin shortly.
direct flight
A flight that goes directly from one destination to another without stopping.
Example: We booked a direct flight from London to Sydney.
non-stop flight
A flight that travels directly from one destination to another without any stops.
Example: The non-stop flight to Paris will take approximately 8 hours.
A short stop during a journey, usually while changing planes.
Example: Our layover in Amsterdam is two hours.
jet bridge
A movable, enclosed bridge connecting the airport terminal to an airplane.
Example: Passengers will board the plane using the jet bridge.
The process of passengers getting off an airplane after it lands.
Example: Please remain seated until the captain announces deplaning.
A building at the airport where passengers wait to board their flights.
Example: The departure terminal is located on the second floor.
flight attendant
A member of the cabin crew who assists passengers during the flight.
Example: The flight attendant demonstrated how to use the safety equipment.
baggage carousel
A moving conveyor belt at the airport where checked-in luggage is delivered.
Example: Your bags will be available for pick-up at baggage carousel number 3.
boarding gate
The specific gate at the airport from which passengers board their flight.
Example: Please proceed to boarding gate B5 for your flight to London.
The interior of an airplane where passengers sit during the flight.
Example: The cabin crew will prepare the cabin for takeoff.
connecting time
The amount of time between the arrival of one flight and the departure of the next.
Example: Make sure your connecting time allows enough time for the transfer.
baggage tag
A label attached to checked-in luggage for identification.
Example: Keep the baggage tag safe until you collect your luggage.
security checkpoint
An area in the airport where passengers and bags are screened for security.
Example: All passengers must go through the security checkpoint before boarding.
carry-on luggage
The small bags or suitcases that passengers are allowed to take on the airplane.
Example: Please ensure your carry-on luggage meets the size and weight restrictions.
security clearance
Permission granted after passing the security check at the airport.
Example: You will need security clearance to access the restricted area.

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