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20 most used words in a restaurant for English learners

a list of food and drinks available for customers
Example: The waiter handed us the menu to choose from.
to request or select a meal or drink
Example: I would like to order the pasta, please.
a person who serves food and drinks in a restaurant
Example: The waiter brought us the dessert menu.
a statement of the total amount to pay for the meal
Example: The waiter brought the bill after dinner.
an arrangement to have a table available at a specific time
Example: I made a reservation for two at 7 PM.
an extra amount of money given as appreciation to the server
Example: Leaving a tip is customary in many restaurants.
a dish that is not on the regular menu and is highlighted by the restaurant
Example: Today's special is grilled salmon with asparagus.
an occasion when food is eaten
Example: We had a delicious meal at the Italian restaurant.
extremely tasty and enjoyable
Example: The chocolate cake was absolutely delicious!
a liquid that is consumed, typically a beverage
Example: I'll have a glass of water, please.
a sweet course served after a meal
Example: We ordered chocolate mousse for dessert.
a small dish served before the main course
Example: The bruschetta is a popular appetizer here.
having a strong, hot, and pungent flavor
Example: The curry chicken is quite spicy, be careful.
related to food suitable for vegetarians
Example: They have a good selection of vegetarian dishes.
a piece of furniture where people sit and eat
Example: The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor seating area with tables.
the assistance provided by the restaurant staff
Example: The service at this restaurant is always excellent.
a professional cook who is skilled in preparing food
Example: The chef recommended the daily special.
prepared or made edible by heat
Example: The steak was perfectly cooked to medium-rare.
newly made or obtained, not canned or frozen
Example: The salad contains fresh ingredients from the garden.
a container, usually made of glass, for holding liquids
Example: We ordered a bottle of red wine to share.

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