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20 most common phrasal verbs for English learners

come across
to encounter or find something or someone unexpectedly
Example: While hiking, they came across an old abandoned house in the woods.
look for
to search for something or someone
Example: He went out to look for his lost keys.
get over
to recover from a difficult or emotional experience
Example: It took her a long time to get over the loss of her pet.
take off
to remove something, like clothing, or to become airborne
Example: Before the flight, passengers are asked to take off their shoes.
give in
to yield or submit to something, especially after resisting
Example: After a long argument, he finally gave in to her request.
set up
to establish or arrange something, often a business or organization
Example: They set up a new company together.
turn on
to activate or start a device, like a light or television
Example: She turned on the TV to watch the evening news.
run out of
to have no more of something left
Example: We ran out of milk, so we need to buy some more.
bring up
to raise or mention a topic or subject in a conversation
Example: He didn't want to bring up the issue during the meeting.
give away
to give something as a gift or to reveal a secret
Example: They gave away free samples of their new product.
look forward to
to be excited or eager about something that is going to happen
Example: He looks forward to the weekend to spend time with his family.
hold on
to wait or pause
Example: Please hold on for a moment while I find the information.
look out
to be watchful or vigilant
Example: Look out! There's a car coming towards us.
show up
to appear or arrive, especially when expected or required
Example: He promised to come to the meeting, but he didn't show up.
hold back
to restrain or keep something from happening
Example: She held back her tears and tried to stay strong.
give out
to distribute or hand out something
Example: They gave out free samples of their new product at the event.
bring about
to cause or make something happen
Example: The new law will bring about significant changes in the industry.
pick up
to collect or lift something or someone
Example: He offered to pick up the groceries on his way home.
look after
to take care of or be responsible for someone or something
Example: She looks after her younger brother while their parents are at work.
take up
to begin or start a hobby or activity
Example: She decided to take up painting as a creative outlet.

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