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100 most common phrases to use in a restaurant for English learners

Hello, table for two, please.
What's the soup of the day?
Could you recommend a vegetarian dish?
Is there a special menu for kids?
I'd like to order the grilled chicken.
Can I have the bill, please?
This steak is too rare for me.
May I have some more water?
Excuse me, there's a mistake on the bill.
Is the tip included in the bill?
The service was excellent, thank you.
Could we have a table by the window?
What's your chef's special tonight?
Do you have any gluten-free options?
I'd like a medium-rare steak, please.
Can we split the bill, please?
Is there a restroom in the restaurant?
What type of dressing do you have for the salad?
Excuse me, I ordered this without onions.
Could I have some extra napkins?
The dessert menu, please.
Is it possible to make a reservation?
Could we have separate checks?
The food was delicious, compliments to the chef.
Do you have a kids menu?
I'll have a glass of red wine, please.
Could you bring the check, please?
The steak is too well-done for me.
Is there any outdoor seating available?
Could you recommend a good appetizer?
What time does the kitchen close?
I'd like to order a bottle of sparkling water.
Could we have more bread, please?
Is there a minimum order for delivery?
Could you pack the leftovers to go?
Do you have any vegan options?
Is there a dress code for the restaurant?
We'll take the chef's tasting menu.
Could we have more forks, please?
Is the gratuity included in the bill?
I have a reservation under the name of Smith.
Could we have a corner table, please?
What's the catch of the day?
Could you turn down the music, please?
The service is a bit slow, isn't it?
Can I get a side of fries with that?
Is there a prix fixe menu available?
The food presentation is impressive.
Could I have the Wi-Fi password, please?
Could you wrap up the leftovers, please?
I'd like to book a table for six at 7 PM.
What's the best dessert on the menu?
The fish is fresh, caught today.
Is there a sommelier to help with wine selection?
We have a reservation under the name Johnson.
The pasta is homemade, and it's delicious.
Do you serve breakfast all day?
Is it possible to customize the salad?
Can I see the wine list, please?
Could you please split the check evenly?
The steak is perfectly cooked to medium-rare.
Do you have any daily specials?
Can we get some more ice for the drinks?
Is there a children's play area in the restaurant?
Could you bring us some extra sauce, please?
The wine pairing with the meal was excellent.
Is the seafood sourced locally?
Could we have a high chair for the baby?
What's the recommended cooking time for the steak?
Can you accommodate food allergies?
I'd like my burger well-done, please.
Are reservations required for the restaurant?
This is the best pizza I've ever had!
Do you have any happy hour specials?
Could we move to a quieter table, please?
Is there a corkage fee if we bring our wine?
The dessert selection is mouth-watering.
Can I have the salad dressing on the side?
We're celebrating a birthday tonight.
Could we have a window seat, if possible?
The steak is seasoned perfectly.
Are there any lunch specials available?
Can we pay with separate credit cards?
The soup is piping hot and delicious.
Is there a private dining room for events?
Could we get a refill on the drinks, please?
The cocktail menu looks intriguing.
Is there a cover charge for live music?
Could you bring us more utensils, please?
I'd like the dressing on the side, please.
Can we order some appetizers to share?
The restaurant ambiance is very cozy.
Can I get a coffee to go, please?
Do you have a children's menu?
Could you recommend a good red wine?
Can you make the dish less spicy?
I'd like to order the seafood platter.
Is the restaurant pet-friendly?
Could we have a booth instead of a table?
The appetizers are perfect for sharing.

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