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100 most common phrases for everyday use for English learners

Hello, how are you?
Nice to meet you.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Please, may I?
Yes, of course.
No, thank you.
I don't understand.
Could you repeat that, please?
Where is the nearest restroom?
How much does this cost?
What time is it?
Can I have the check, please?
I need help, please.
What's your name?
How do you say this in English?
I'm lost, can you help me find my way?
I'm hungry, let's grab some food.
I'm thirsty, can I get a drink?
I like it.
I don't like it.
That's funny!
I'm tired, I need to rest.
Have a good day!
See you later!
Goodbye, take care.
Can I borrow your pen?
Can you give me a hand?
Let's go for a walk.
What's the weather like today?
I'm so happy!
I'm really sorry.
Can you help me with this?
I have a question.
Nice to see you again!
I'll be right back.
Take your time.
It's not a problem.
How was your day?
It's a beautiful day.
Have a safe trip!
I'm so excited!
Can we meet again sometime?
Can I get your phone number?
I don't know.
Let's celebrate!
Have a great weekend!
I'm looking forward to it!
Can you pass me the salt, please?
I don't have time right now.
I'll think about it.
I'm not sure yet.
Can you give me a minute?
Let me check my schedule.
What's happening?
I'll call you later.
It's time to go.
I'll take care of it.
What's going on?
Can I have a glass of water?
That's a good idea.
I don't feel well.
I'm not interested.
I'm glad to hear that.
What do you think?
That's not a problem at all.
Can you repeat that, please?
I don't like that.
What's the plan for today?
Can I have some more, please?
I'm not feeling well.
I don't think so.
That sounds great!
What do you need help with?
I'm not sure.
Let me think about it.
Is everything okay?
That's not a problem.
What's happening today?
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
I'm not interested in that.
I'm really enjoying this.
What's on your mind?
Can I have a menu, please?
I don't have enough money.
Can you wait a moment?
That's not right.
I'll get back to you later.
That's not fair.
Can you give me some advice?
I don't have a preference.
What's the matter?
I'm really sorry to hear that.
I'm not sure about that.
That's a good question.
I don't think I can make it.
I'll think it over.
Can you explain that to me?

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