Add language learning to your daily routine

Meet the free browser extension that teaches you new words and phrases on every new tab

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  • Do you regularly forget newly learned words?
  • Tired of endless word memorization apps?
  • Not enough time and motivation to learn new words?
Add Lenny Tab extension in your browser, and you can easily learn up to 10 new words every week without much effort.

Available languages to learn: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch

How it works?

1. Add an extension to your browser
The extension is free, added in a couple of clicks and does not require registration. We keep all the functions of the home page that were before, so you will not experience discomfort.
2. Choose a set of words to study
300+ word sets available with different themes for all language levels
3. Use your browser normally
Our method helps you learn new words without taking your focus away from your daily tasks.
Users of Lenny Tab
3 minutes
spend on education on average per day
70 words
learn for a month of use
40% of users
move to a new level in the first 4 months
120 000 words
learned by our users

Install our free extension and integrate language learning into your daily life in seconds.

Score in Web Store 4.5
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